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Subdivisions, Annexations, Land Development:

The gauntlet of rules and regulations pertaining to subdivision and land development can be daunting, even for a project as seemingly simple as breaking off a small building lot for your grown child, or splitting an estate. Depending on the project, the approvals required may be no more than the local Planning Board, or they can include Zoning Boards, NH Department of Environmental Services Subsurface Bureau subdivision approval, Wetland Bureau dredge and fill permitting, Alteration of Terrain permitting, Department of Transportation access permitting. They can include applications to the National Heritage Bureau, Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corp of Engineers .... you get the picture.

Cardigan Mountain Land Surveys is here to help guide you through the process and prepare all the necessary plans, applications and paperwork, or to guide you to the appropriate professionals that may be required for specialized services.

Services required for land subdivision or development include initial site evaluation to conceptual planning and discussion with regulatory boards, to preparing the required maps and plans and putting together the application packages. Sometimes, especially for larger subdivision or development projects, specialized services such as certified wetland delineation, soil science, civil engineering, traffic and environmental studies are required. For those items that require expertise or certification outside the scope of the practice of CMLS, we have long-standing associations with professionals in related fields and can coordinate all the services required for successful permitting of your development project. 

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