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Projects and Testimonials
Sampling of Past Projects
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Client:     Town of Canaan
Contact:     Neil Cheseldine, Wright – Pierce; Canaan Board of Selectmen
Date:         Summer 2009
Property Description:
Canaan Wastewater Treatment Facility, Recycling Center/Transfer Station, 30 acres surveyed
Project Description:
Preparation of detailed Topographic Existing Conditions Plan of site for proposed expansion of wastewater treatment facility.

Client:     Doyon Enterprises, LLC
Date:         Summer 2008
Property Description:
300 +/- acres Orange N.H., Burnt Hill Road, on southwesterly flank of Cardigan Mountain, abutting Cardigan Mountain State Forest.
Project Description:
Boundary Survey and Subdivision, combining GPS and robotic total station field survey methods.

Grafton County Probate Court,  Estate of Marguerite S. Shuttleworth v. Lynn M. Nugent, aka Lynn M. McLaughlin:
        2006-2007: Expert witness on behalf of the Plaintiff, land in Canaan NH.  Petition to quiet title to a right-of-way access on the grounds of adverse possession and/or easement by necessity. Access to a portion of the Plaintiff’s property was over the Defendant’s property.  Case centered on the facts that said portion of the Plaintiff’s land was created in the 1850’s as a separate tract with no other viable access, and that furthermore, said access had been utilized adversely by the Plaintiff, agents and permittees for at least 56 years. Court decision granted Plaintiff right-of-way for agricultural purposes.

Client:     Woodlot & Grange, LLC
Date:         September 2006
Property Description:
400 +/- acres, Sutton N.H., in southeasterly part of town on Class VI Eaton Grange and Birch Hill Roads. 214 +/- acres under Society for the Protection of New Hamshire Forests Conservation Easement.
Project Description:
Boundary Survey, combining GPS, robotic total station and compass-tape field survey methods.

Client:     Darrow Civil Engineering, Grafton, NH (as subcontractor to City of Nashua)
Contact:     Erin Darrow
Date:         Spring-Summer 2009
Property Description:
Confluence of Nashua & Merrimack Rivers
Project Description:
Preparation of detailed Topographic Existing Conditions Plan of approximately 3,500 linear feet of protective levee for the purpose of structural evaluation and comparative analysis of existing conditions with Army Corp of Engineers design and construction plans dated circa 1940.

Client:     Town of Enfield
Contact:     Steven Schneider, Town Manager
Date:         Spring-Summer 2008
Property Location:
Main Street, Enfield; Whitney Hall and Police Station, approximately 3 acres surveyed.
Project Description:
Standard Boundary Survey and detailed Topographic Existing Conditions Plan of proposed Public Library site, including coordination with Wetland Scientist.

Client:     Grantham School District, SAU #75
Contact:     Margaret Sullivan, Superintendant
Date:         Summer 2007 – Spring 2008
Property Description:
Grantham Village School Property, NH Routes 10 and 114, approximately 11 acres surveyed.
Project Description:
Preparation of preliminary composite plan from existing mapping for general site planning purposes, and subsequent detailed Topographic Existing Conditions Plan of site for proposed expansion of Grantham Village School, and construction layout and staking.

Client:     Hanover Improvement Society
Contact:     Chip Webber, Matthew Marshall
Date:         In progress
Property Description:
Storrs Pond dam, Hanover NH.
Project Description:
Ongoing deformation monitoring of dam crest, embankment and outlet headwall, combining GPS and high-precision robotic total station field survey methods.

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